Broken hearts and being whole

Today Christopher came home with a backpack full of Valentine cards…In this gelatinous mass of candy, cards, and silliness was this giant half of heart. it was broken, ripped, a half of heart. Seeing it made me cry, I cried 3 times today already ..what’s a 4th?

When you think about what makes you whole, what is it? Is it your family? Is it the feeling you feel when the sun shines on your face? Is it the taste of your first sip of coffee in the morning? or the way an uncrustable is the most perfectly made pbj? Is it the way your dog loves you no matter what you look like or the way your cat snuggles you? What about the way a popsicle tastes on a 98 degree day? Each of the us has unique things that make us whole, unique things that keep us going.

On days like today, when some people are alone or feel lonely even in a room of 579875, just know that even though it’s Valentine’s Day, the red and pink sea of cards and crap will be gone soon..not soon enough.. YOU ARE LOVED…hey, the good news is tomorrow all that stuff will be 50% off, so buy yourself chocolate tomorrow, when its cheaper, and buy it for yourself. Love yourself.

Tomorrow I am traveling down south to see Maxwell and meet he and his carers at the dentist. He has a loose adult tooth and needs some work.

I am thankful for my path, my path may be rocky and full of potholes, but its mine; mine to experience pain and loss, mine to make mistakes, mine to find joy, mine to find love.

continue to hopeunabashed

I will continue to climb the rock wall of life, barefoot, covered in baby oil.


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