Go Go Gadget Heart

Wasn’t it easier when Chief Quimby popped out of a trashcan and gave Inspector Gadget the self destructing message orders; only for Inspector Gadget to read the orders and throw them in the trashcan and explode in Chief Quimby’s face…only for Penny and Brain to inevitably save the day?

Sometimes we are self defeating, sometimes we allow ourselves to be brought down by what is around us, by what is going on in our life.  I live with chronic depression and anxiety and though I try to keep it in check, this week has been a rough one and I know I am not alone.  Hang in there, you are doing the best you can, be gentle with yourself.

Holidays are a time that are difficult for so many.  As I watched people this past week doing their hustle and bustle shopping in the grocery store I work in, I couldn’t help but look at their faces, most of them sad, grumpy and so few of them met my eyes and greeted me in response to my wishing them a good day. I allowed myself to get overwhelmed many times this week at work having to step aside, go in the bathroom and cry.

We all are going though something hard, maybe multiple hard things..the holidays somehow make it worse, a reminder of loved ones who won’t be at the table, or maybe they don’t have a table at all and are struggling to just to get through the next five minutes.

We are inundated with Christmas decorations before pumpkins are put away and there is no enjoyment anymore, there is just no flow from one holiday to the next, its just one gelatinous mass of madness starting in late September ending early January.  We must spend money we don’t have, max out credit cards we can’t make payments on, make elaborate meals that are unnecessary all in the name of tradition?   It’s exhausting to even think about and I refuse to do it.

Treat each day as though its Thanksgiving, love those around you.  Be thankful for every experience, because each one is a lesson, be thankful for a warm cat in your lap or a dog at your feet………. be thankful, my fellow warrior parents for the endless fighting and iep meetings and years of therapy, thankful because these paths are different than the norm…in fact, my most memorable thanksgiving dinner was one in which Max stripped naked and ran across the thanksgiving dinner table.

I am thankful for my path, my path may be rocky and full of potholes, but its mine; mine to experience pain and loss, mine to make mistakes, mine to find joy, mine to find love.

continue to hopeunabashed

I will continue to climb the rock wall of life, barefoot, covered in baby oil.


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