timehop revisited an old blog entry

Today I downloaded the Time Hop app.  My “memories” feature doesn’t work, and saw one of the blogs I posted a year ago today.

The title of the blog entry was, “Ain’t no one gonna break my stride”

I remember it like it were yesterday, I was teaching a Bodyworks class, we were half-way through the class, doing planks and mat work when a caterpillar started crawling across my yoga mat.  In that moment, tears started streaming down my face and dripping onto the mat.  Anyone who knows me knows my connection with butterflies, moths and caterpillars.  This guy kept moving, slowly but surely across the mat, I have no clue where he came from, but I took it as a sign.  Look at this guy, he has a million legs and it’s still taking him forever to crawl across this mat and he isn’t giving up.  It was such a powerful, intense moment for me, and I was working, and trying to count and focus and could do none of that because of this caterpillar, crawling, never giving up.

Today I took Maxwell back to the group home, I cried on and off the entire way home.

Climbing the rock wall of life, barefoot and covered in baby oil…


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