mending fences and hearts

So Hurricane Matthew rolled through and we really lucked out.  Only lost a fence and power and water…..I know so many lost so much more and it could have been so much worse for us.

The night Matthew hit us, I heard the wind whipping up, the rain had started …I couldn’t sleep..I heard the septic alarm going off….So I grabbed flip flops and a raincoat and went out to silence it….on my way back in, the power was flickering the glow of the porch light…off and on…clung to the exterior wall of my house, a moth…clinging to the last little bit of light, of hope.  I stood there in amazement for a minute.  Signs are all around, just be aware.  We may not always know what they mean.

5 minutes later, power was out…The next morning, it was still windy and rainy but safe enough to assess the damage.

I worried all morning about Maxwell, how they made out…I finally got word that they were okay, no damage and no power loss.  What a Blessing!

I have been excessively emotional this past week.

Some days we are just like the moth in the storm …clinging to hope, light.  Lately, there have been more of those days than not….

Climbing the rock wall of life, barefoot, covered in baby oil.




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