Her eyes met mine and I knew; I see you momma, I see you.

It was hot, extremely humid, and starting to sprinkle out.

We were doing an open house in conjunction with the health food store next door and fifty bajillion other vendors.

She sat with him on a bench straight across from me, he flapped joyfully while on a tablet device.  She patted his back, and then took him into the health food store, they came back out and sat on a bench.  I watched, as she calmed him, later I found out he was a twin.

I earlier had spoken to a woman and got her to sign up for a raffle we were offering…later I found out she was with this woman and this boy.  As the woman came out of the store and met back up with the woman and boy.  I asked if she was with them…she said yes, and that he was….I put my hand on top of hers, and stopped her….I said,” I know..tears welling in my eyes…get it together girl you are at work, you are at an event for work…be strong.  I said,” please give her my card” and wrote her a note on the back.

“I see you momma, you are important and you are amazing”

-just another autism mom



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