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Her eyes met mine and I knew; I see you momma, I see you.

It was hot, extremely humid, and starting to sprinkle out. We were doing an open house in conjunction with the health food store next door and fifty bajillion other vendors. She sat with him on a bench straight across from … Continue reading

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It could always be worse…

I often hear this replaying in my brain as a reminder to myself…I am human we all get down, we all get grumpy, we all get depressed; and yet, it could always be worse. Depression is nothing to take lightly. … Continue reading

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what the pictures didn’t show


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the blog with no title

Why is life a constant 5 steps forward 17 steps back?  I guess that is the way it goes.  Some people will read this an roll their eyes, maybe not even get onto the next paragraph…that’s cool, because primarily I … Continue reading

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two weeks

Today marks two weeks since we drove Maxwell to the intensive behavior group home in South Florida. My mom and Chris and I made the commute today. When we arrived.. he was in the shower, big surprise… any opportunity to … Continue reading

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one week today

Today has been one week since we drove to Coral Springs and left Maxwell at the intensive behavioral group home.  I haven’t really addressed my feelings in writing so I thought I’d do that now.  Its taken me this long … Continue reading

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Imagine being Maxwell, unable to speak…or communicate, unable to tell your family you hurt, unable to sign, unable to point.  Your head aches with the constant headbanging you do in frustration.  Your hand hurts from biting it nonstop.  You develop … Continue reading

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Go Go Gadget heart

Remember Inspector Gadget?  Remember how Penny, his niece, was always getting into trouble and Brain the dog was always saving the day??? I so wish I had a Brain the dog right now to save the day. Do you ever … Continue reading

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perseveration and ruminating …

What the what? Obsession, constant obsessive traits, redirecting these obsessive traits, is something many ASD parents and caregivers must face….We all have little OCD things….for me its shutting things off, i.e. coffee maker, alarm clock ( I check that joker … Continue reading

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“Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered…”

I “Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child you have stolen, for my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as … Continue reading

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